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Creativity Matters was launched by Community Works, a national creative youth development organization working with students on issues of leadership, civic engagement and creative problem solving.    

These events bring together young people for a day of workshops, performances and presentations to explore the role creativity plays in their lives as they look ahead and envision their futures and provide young people with the opportunity to hear from creative professionals, and to tell their own stories.  In 2018, we produced four Youth Creativity Summits in LA, NY, DC and Chicago 

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This arts education program promoted an effective and creative youth development after school program in Oklahoma City communities. The program is designed to establish and promote the four distinct elements of Hip Hop “Graffiti, DJ’ing, MC’ing, ,nd  the synergy between each one, and the values and concepts the culture manifests. This program focuses on encouraging teamwork and community development, positive support of others, and respect social and cultural differences, as well as open-minded explorations, creative problem-solving, self-confidence, and positive self-expression.

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This premiere event created a venue for hip hop art forms that did not exist previously in Oklahoma, providing education to the public about these art forms and building a network for hip hop artist. It brought together some of hip-hop’s elite and brightest up-and-coming artists throughout the state, region, US and internationally. Oklahoma Hip Hop Festival was a cultural event and vital meeting group for hip hop fans as well as Graffiti artists, DJ’s, MC’s Breakers, producers, media, A&R’s and anyone with a career in the hip hop industry. The Oklahoma Hip Hop Festival incorporated diversity, education, technology, and community involvement for worthy exposure to the growing and highly anticipated showcase.